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RC Helicopters For Beginners

Out of many hobbies, flying a RC helicopter is the best hobby! While it is "fun" to fly a RC helicopter, it also helps you learn the aerodynamics of helicopters. RC helicopters are a lot more than regular toys. These hobby toys are fast, accurate and highly responsive machines. This website offers you the expert reviews of best RC helicopters for beginners and first-time hobbyists.

RC Helicopters for beginners

If you are new to the RC helicopters, you are at the right place! Here you can find everything about remote/radio controlled helicopters. Here you can learn about different kinds of helicopters. After reading all the information on this website, you can easily figure out the best RC helicopters for beginners. Hours of fun is awaiting you, go ahead and read all the valuable information about the top RC helicopters for new hobbyists.

What are RC helicopters?

A radio-controlled helicopter is controlled remotely by a hand-held transmitter and a receiver within the heli. The receiver controls the corresponding servos that move the control surfaces based on the position of joysticks on the transmitter, which in turn affect the orientation of the helicopter. The concept of radio-controlled aircraft started with the dream of pilotless planes built by the military. Earlier, the aircraft built were of huge sizes. With the advancement of technology, smaller and light-weight radio controlled aircraft were designed which were taken over by these even smaller versions. Some of the heli are even smaller than your palm but fly like a real aircraft. You will be amazed to know that you can even install a camera inside the canopy of some of these hobby toys and make/record videos! Nowadays, RC helicopters are used by millions of hobbyists around the globe. Not only for fun, but these toys are also used professionally in various different professions.

While these smart toys are easy to fly, still a little training can be really helpful in taking your first heli off the ground, fly it in the air successfully and safely land it on the ground without crashing. Here on this site we offer you enriched information that can help you decide which RC helicopters are best for beginners and which helicopters are easier to control in comparison to fast, professional and expert level helicopters.

Types of RC Helicopters

Although there are only 3 types of RC helicopters which can be described as: Beginner level, intermediate and advanced level helicopters. Park Flyers and trainers are a form of beginner level helicopters. But we can categorize them in many different categories depending upon their style, ability and functionality. So we have these 6 different types of RC helicopter categories to look at:

We have hand-picked and listed the best RC helicopters in each category mentioned above. All of the helicopters that we have included in our reviews are the most popular and the best selling RC helicopters for beginners, intermediate and advanced level hobbyists.

Best RC Helicopters For Beginners

Ideally, helicopters that are easier to fly and easier to control are termed as beginner level RC helicopters. A helicopter which is easier to take off the ground, is recommended for beginners. If you are new to this hobby, you should select a helicopter which is stable so that you do not have to worry about crashing it or injuring anyone. An injury can occur from the propellers on the helicopter if you are not careful while flying it. So always go for a stable helicopter such as a co-axial helicopter. Once you are comfortable controlling a heli, you should go for a faster or professional level helicopter. We have a list of helicopters in our best RC helicopter for beginners section which is highly recommended. These heli are best suited for first-time hobbyists. The heli mentioned on this website are some of the most popular as well as cost-effective toys. If you are looking for cheap helicopters, you can refer to our list of lowest priced RC helicopters where you can find low priced heli for gifting purpose.

RC Helicopter Deals and Coupons

If you have made your mind to buy a RC helicopter, you will need coupons and deals that can save you money on your purchases. We frequently list coupons and deals to help you save money. Here are some of the deals that can buy RC helicopter at the lowest price.

RC Helicopter deals and coupons to save money!

RC Helicopters Glossary

Propellers: The blades located at the top of the helicopter are called propellers. The main function of the propellers is to lift the helicopter off the ground. Most heli have single pair of propellers but the co-axial and dual co-axial have two or more pair of propellers.

Servos: A servo (or servomechanism) is an automatic device that uses error-sensing negative feedback to correct the performance of helicopter's mechanism. The servo's main function is to control the position of the heli. It uses an electric motor to create mechanical force which controls the flight path of the helicopter.

Transmitter: A transmitter is the remote control of a heli which produces radio waves. It sends signals to the receiver located on a RC helicopter and helps you control the mechanism of the heli.

Receiver: The receiver is located inside the mechanism of the helicopter. The main function of the receiver is to receive the signals sent by the transmitter and allow you to control the position of the helicopter.

Canopy: A canopy is the transparent enclosure over the cockpit of a helicopter. The function of the canopy is to provide a great design to the helicopter. While a canopy looks wonderful, it has some uses too. Some helicopters have a camera fitted inside the canopy. The canopy is aerodynamically shaped to minimize drag.

RC Helicopter FAQ

This website is all about RC helicopters. Here you can find answers to most of your questions related with these hobby toys. Read the following questions and increase your knowledge:

Which are the best RC helicopters for beginners?

Helicopters that are easier to fly and easier to control. Most co-axial helicopters are stable and easier to control. You can find the best RC helicopters for beginners on this website. These helicopters are picked out of hundreds of heli.

What are indoor RC helicopters?

Indoor RC helicopters are those heli that can be flown inside a room or a building. Most indoor helicopters are stable and have features that are suitable for flying indoors. Co-axial and dual co-axial are the best form of helicopters that can be flown indoors.

What are the gas powered RC helicopters?

Some helicopters are powered by gas, unlike the electrically powered helicopters. CNC (gas) powered helicopters allow longer duration of flight and loads of fun. However, gas powered heli are not suitable of flying indoors because of the emissions they leave.

What are electric RC helicopters?

Electric RC helicopters are the most common form of radio-controlled helicopters. The heli is charged by a lithium-ion battery which can be re-charged over and again. With a single charge, you can fly a helicopter up to 10 minutes approximately.